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Look into the eyes of an animal which vanished long-long time before the humans appeared! 3D printing technology allows us to reproduce the most amazing scientific or art reconstructions of the ancient life forms. And so we do!
You can buy these fantastic 3D printed models as unpainted model kits, so you can color them based on your own desire, knowledge and ideas, and of course we sell painted, ready-to-exhibit items with stands and some of them are supported by display materials too.

The products are created by MSLA/DLP 3D Printing technology (MSLA = Masked Stereolithography; DLP = Digital Light Processing), where a vat of UV photo-reactive liquid resin is selectively exposed to UV light in order to form very thin solid layers that stack up to create one solid object, layer by layer. This technology is popular in 3D printing animal models, due to the ability to show all tiny details of the figurines.

Our selection is continually growing, so it's a great idea to return here regularly!