A figurine of the world famous Iguanodon statue created by Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins in 1854 among other prehistoric creatures. These iconic artworks were the world's first full-scale reconstructions of dinosaurs and represent the first three species discovered. They were displayed in the Crystal Palace of London and currently they can be seen in Crystal Palace Park.


The digital design is remixed by Rebecca Groom from original scans by Stephen Gray and India Carpenter. The figurine is 3D printed without any changes to the original file.


The figurine is made of UV sensitive resin with mSLA/DLP (digital light processing) technology.
Post processing/covering with primer base coat.


Size:                                       6 x 3 ½ x 3 in

Net weight:                          3 oz



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  • This item is quite fragile, so please handle with care!

  • Keep away from children under the age of 7!

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Crystal Palace Iguanodon Replica - Unpainted

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