Fossils deserve to be displayed the proper way in your home! Each and every fossil has its own story, and it has much less value without showing it to the public. We help you to deliver this exciting message with unrivalled display solutions to your family's, your guests' and of course your own pleasure.

Let us introduce our Home Box Museums, which are actually tiny natural history exhibitions you can showcase in your home or your workplace. A fossil can't tell much to an unexperienced viewer, until it is uncovered who is it and what age and environment it lived in. Amuse your friends with these treasure boxes with real fossils, quality educational explanatory posters and illustrations of the vanished past times. And the most important attribute is the LED lights. It can make a real difference!
Look around in our webshop, where you can select from our lovely prepared products, or reach out to us if you would like to enhance the look of your own fossils!